Association Rules


All anglers will fill in tickets and sign the day book before fishing.
  1. All fishing members and visitors must be in possession of a current Day Ticket or Season Ticket and at least a non-migratory trout Rod Licence issued by the Environment Agency; these documents must be produced to a Bailiff or Officer of the Association when asked for.
  2. Bag limits:- Day and Season Tickets: 5 Fish per day, or 2 fish on a 2 fish Ticket. All fish under nine inches to be returned. No second day Ticket except for the 2 fish Ticket.
  3. Starting and finishing times are as stated on Notice board.
  4. All litter and nylon must be taken home or placed in litter bins.
  5. Dogs and Radios are not permitted.
  6. One guest (non-fishing) is allowed and is the responsibility of the Ticket paying Angler.
  7. Any contaminated water must be reported to a Committee member or Bailiff.
  8. Any Trout found to be in distress or floating on the water to be reported to the Committee or Bailiff.
  9. Any unauthorised persons walking within the property or taking fish illegally must be reported to the Committee or Bailiff.
  10. All vehicles must be left in the Car Park and are the responsibility of the owners. Vehicles left at owner’s risk.
  11. Any irregularity of the rules must be reported to the Committee or Bailiff.
  12. All returns including nil returns must be recorded on Tickets and in the day book.
  13. Method of fishing:- Fly only.
  14. Only two rods per person allowed, only one rod to be fished at a time.
  15. Fishing from the dam wall and consolidated wings of the dam wall is strictly prohibited.
  16. Re:-Members - Membership cards must be carried whilst at the Reservoir.
  17. Ground baiting or any other illegal bait, is not permitted.
  18. Juniors (up to and including 16 years of age) must always be accompanied by an adult.
  19. Bailiffs have the right to inspect tackle bags and other bags.
  20. Boats rules to be observed without exception. (See separate Boat Rules)
  21. All anglers must vacate the Reservoir within 30 minutes of the displayed finishing time.

The committee shall have the power to adjudicate on all questions arising from these rules and to decide on any alleged misconduct by a member or visitor.


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