Algae Update 2013



Recent scientific testing of algae samples from the reservoir has confirmed the presence of Blue Green Algae. This strain of algae has the potential to produce toxins which could, given the right conditions, be harmful to humans. Whilst it may be possible to continue to fish the reservoir safely, the decision has been made to CLOSE THE RESERVOIR until further notice. Updates will be posted when the situation changes. An ‘Algae Update’ article will be created on the website. We apologise if this decision causes you any inconvenience and hope we will be able to return to the reservoir (which is now locked) as soon as possible.
13th June 2013:
The reservoir is now locked until further notice.  We will keep you informed of any changes and when the water returns to an acceptable condition, the reservoir will re-open.
25th June 2013:
Unfortunately there is still no improvement at the reservoir.  The heavy algal bloom remains unchanged, therefore at this stage, there are still no plans to re-open.  A meeting will be held at the reservoir this week with Welsh Water; any worthwhile news will be posted.
11th July 2013:
There was no real outcome from the Welsh Water meeting at the reservoir; no solutions were offered.  It was agreed that temporary closure considering the condition of the water was the right thing to do.  There is still no improvement to date.  The water is heavily coloured with some signs of 'browning'.  Lets hope the bloom is dying off in these hot conditions.  (There are still signs of fish moving).
23rd July 2013:
Some positive news at last!  Over the last week there has been some changes in the appearance of the algae in the reservoir; the colour has been changing towards brown rather than green.  The hope has been that the algae is dying off and that appears to be the case.  It looks now as though it is beginning to drop and the water has begun to look clearer.  We will be watching the situation closely and hoping that the clearing continues and we will be able to re-open in the near future.  The other good thing to report is that there certainly appears to have been no detrimental effect on the fish.  There are plenty of good looking fish actively feeding.
31st July 2013:
Thankfully, we have continued to see the improvements in the water quality.  The algae appears to be almost clear.  The condition is such that we have arranged for sampling to take place in the hope that results will show the potential for toxins is at an acceptable level and we can plan to re-open.  With a bit of luck we may get test results by the end of the week.
The 'ground-crew' have been hard at work and the reservoir is looking fantastic as always.  Fish continue to move and rise.  Let's hope the next update contains more good news.
5th August 2013:
Samples taken but no results!............................. We will be chasing for results and let you know as soon as possible.

6th August 2013:

We are very pleased (and relieved) to announce that water samples taken by NRW and tested for Blue-Green Algae have shown the water is clear and normal activities can be resumed!
The reservoir will re-open at 0700hrs on Saturday 10th August.
It has been a long and frustrating wait.  The Officers and Committee would like to extend their thanks to you for your patience and hope for a successful run to the end of the season.
Tight lines! 


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