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*** The Reservoir remains closed through 2018 and into 2019 ***

December 2018 update:


The next stage of work at the reservoir appears to have started.  Scaffolding is building up around the tower and contractor activity has increased.  We were informed that this stage could take 6 months after start.

We are aware that due to the length of closure, there will now be much groundwork preparation prior to any re-filling starting.  This will be before a decision is made concerning the controlled refill, during which, the dam wall’s ‘rehydration’ will be monitored.

A final ‘fill completion’ date is not possible to estimate at the moment and information from Welsh Water is 'limited'. 

Any further confirmed updates will be posted when received.

Thank you for your patience.
We all hope to be enjoying the beautiful fishing at Wentwood as soon as possible.




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