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*** The Reservoir remains closed through 2018 ***
We received some update information from our Chairman at the AGM on Thursday 8th February.
Although information is still difficult to come by we were informed the works had progressed and although a failing valve in the tower had been repaired, major works were still required.
I will be necessary for the castellated top of the tower to be removed to gain access for the removal of other equipment from within the tower.  The top of the tower will then be rebuilt.
As the dam wall has now dried out, whenever re-fill commences, it will be a slow and controlled process to monitor seapage whilst the wall rehydrates.  These works will not be completed in 2018!  In fact, the re-fill process and stabilisation of the ecosystem may well take us through 2019.
It was not news we wanted to hear as we are all missing the fishing at the reservoir.
Any further confirmed updates will be posted when receieved.


Thank you for your patience.
We all hope to be enjoying the beautiful fishing at Wentwood as soon as possible.




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